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Surf Rafting

Surf rafting is a new activity brought to you by Ocean Crest so everyone can have a great time in the waves.

This fantastic and unique sport has come to Cornwall from the beaches of Australia. Surf Rafting has you surfing the waves on the north Cornwall coast in 4.6 meter self-bailing Surf Rafts.
The latest design in these rafts makes it relatively easy to paddle out through the surf, and then onto the cresting waves for a ride of a lifetime back to the beach.

White water rafting is one of our most popular and specialist activities as is surfing, combining the two just came naturally and what fun it is.

The session lasts about 2.5 to 3 hours and can be tailored to suit all groups and individual preferences. Starting at Newquay Harbour we will get all our PPE on and have a short beach based briefing.
Then we get underway into Newquay Bay area. We will then get use to paddling, turning to port and starboard, working as a team and capsize drill.
All this is done surrounded by some of the most amazing coastal scenery you will see in Britain. (Some groups just like to potter about the caves and check the marine life out).
Other groups like to HIT THE SURF.

This is a great activity for everyone. Families, Stag Parties, Corporate Groups, Hen Parties and couples. We can take out a raft with a minimum of three people and we have two rafts so we can take a maximum of 12 people at once.

Our team of experienced expert staff will look after you every step of the way, highly qualified, safe and fun. We provide exceptional quality as well as excellent value.

Flat Water Rafting - £40 - 2-3hours
Surf Rafting - £45 - 2-3 hours
Full day:
Flatwater, surf and some coasteering - £75 - 2x 2-3 hours

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