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Cornwall Waverunner Safari

Jetski Tours and Safari

Ocean Crest Sports offer a fun and exhilarating way to explore Cornwall’s stunning coastline aboard personal watercrafts (Jet Skis).
Discover and explore what Cornwall has to offer from a new perspective under our professional and friendly guidance. We run a variety of trips across the Cornish coastline from the north to the south coast, using trained instructors allowing you to get the most out of the safari and ensuring that you are in safe hands. Trips run from Nequay Harbour.

Taster Session - Blast through the waves and around Newquay Bay. Taste the Jet Ski adventure onboard one of our powerful Waverunners

Price: £34 per person

Advanced Session - Experience a longer ride along the North Cornish Coastline. Discover the hidden caves and experience the coast at speed from a whole new angle.

Price: £58 per person

Safari - The ultimate trip along the North Cornish Coast viewing secluded beaches, remote coves and ride under the dramatic cliffs. Enjoy the picturesque scenery from the sea. Opportunity for occasional wildlife spotting, include, dolphins, seals, sunfish and much more. An awesome group activity or for those looking for an adventure.

Price: £120 per person - Shared Ski £90 per person

Banana Boat - One of the all time favourite beach activities, experience a wild ride around Newquay bay. (NB: Minimum of 3 people)

Price: £12 per person - Shared Ski £90 per person

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