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Surfing Lessons
Surfing Lessons
Surfing Lessons
Surfing Lessons

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (S U P) HIRE + Lessons

Try the world's fastest growing water sport (S U P) stand up paddle boarding . Paddle Board Hire Delivered to a place and a time that suits you … So you can paddle where you want, when you want.

Whether you are staying at home or on holiday in rental accommodation or camping, we will deliver Free within the Newquay area.

SUP Rental Prices

  1. Day £35.00
  2. Days £60.00
  3. Days £80.00
  4. Days £90.00
  5. DayS £100.00

Discounts on these prices are available on more than 2 boards being hired for more than 2 days or large group bookings.

All hire includes Wetsuit and buoyancy aids.

Beginner Paddle Board Lessons and Wave Riding School.
Learn the Paddle Boarding basics or perfect your wave riding ability.
We will tailor lessons to suit you and your ability, just let us know what you would like to learn.

1st Time on an S U P Lesson Unlike many other water sportS, learning to Paddleboard is quick and easy with the correct equipment and coaching. Most people find they can be up and paddling within the hour.

Lessons last approximately 2 and a half hours and consist of...

  • Safety and the best paddle board conditions.
  • How to get to your feet and get paddling with full confidence.
  • Paddle stroke techniques.
  • Flat water manoeuvres, turning the board and how to go in a straight line!

S U P Wave Riding Lessons Paddle boarding is not just confined to flat water, it's about Waves! (Big + Small)!

We would like you to have some paddle boarding experience or to have completed the 1st time on a paddle board lesson, before you have a Wave riding lesson.
This lesson is approximately 2 and half hours long and consists of. .

  • Paddling into waves.
  • Wave paddling techniques.
  • Understanding Waves and Wave selection.
  • Surf and line up etiquette.
  • Bottom turns, top turns, cutbacks and riding down the line

All wetsuits and buoyancy aids are included in all lessons (S U P) Stand up Paddle Boarding Safari's and guided tours.

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